Our Team

Our staff members, practitioners, teachers, volunteers and Board of Directors form an eclectic team of heart centered humans.

Our unifying purpose is that we are all committed to holistic healing

and we believe in service in the light.

Euboea Brown

Atlantic Beach, Florida | Energy Healing Practitioner

I AM patient, creative, caring, organized, kind, analytical, inquisitive and objective.

Euboea is certified in a western-style of Usui Reiki then followed it with Gendai Usui Reiki, an eastern-style. She studied through to the Master level for both as well as went through a teaching apprenticeship. She has offered a mini-clinic for people to stop by and receive a short wellness session amongst a small group and at a lower rate to open it up to more people in an un-intimidating manner. Euboea has practiced, trained and received certifications in a variety of areas, including as meditation, reiki, drumming and yoga. She is passionate about helping others along their greater self-awareness journeys, and enjoys finding everyday ways for making wellness practice individually practical and accessible.

Sarah Watkins

Olathe, Colorado | Clinical Support Team

I AM optimistic, energetic, joyful, enthusiastic, passionate, fun-loving, childlike.

Sarah lives on a small farm in Olathe Colorado and she grew up in Southwest Florida. She is a wife and a stay at home mom of two wonderful kids. She is a self published author of Sapphire's Soul Tools a beginners guide to Spiritual Living under her pen name Sapphire Waters. She has been on a spiritual journey for over 10 years now. She is excited to learn new things every day and collaborate with others on how to make our world and our lives a better place. Her motto is "We are all in this together " so she tries to help in all situations.

Dr. Angela Shoe, Ed.D

Grant, Florida | Teacher Assistant

I AM hopeful, optimistic, observing, inquisitive, passionate, yet clueless.

Angela lives in Central Florida on a small farm, but she is originally from Ohio. She has accomplished many roles throughout her career including: classroom (traditional and Web-based) instructor, corporate trainer, development consultant, and professor. She has taught at the middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels (undergraduate and postgraduate). Over the years, Angela has honed her areas of expertise in: program evaluation, assessment and measurement, program development, curriculum/instructional development and design, and adult learning principles.

Dr. Shoe earned her Bachelors in History from The Ohio State University, Masters in Urban Studies from Cleveland State University, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of North Florida. Additionally, she completed graduate-level education coursework at Rutgers University. Her professional interests include equity-based education, adult learning strategies, and learner-centered teaching principles. She is looking forward to this next chapter in her life and working with the Indigo community.

Ronald Mitchell

Murrieta, California | Board of Directors

I AM a dad, husband, student, anthropologist, musician, Christian & imaginative.

Ronald was born in New Mexico in 1975 and except for a few early traumas had a typical 1980s childhood full of unsupervised adventure in the wilds of the San Diego, Ca. suburbs. In his 20s and early 30s he was an active Sunday school teacher and part time missionary.

He is an accomplished project manager. His work experience includes includes hospital security and and nearly 25 years of construction management. He is a full time nerd and totally geeks out on star Trek, Star Wars, Arthur C Clark, Andy Weir, and most things Disney. His passions include learning, music, anthropology, finding God in the everyday, and experiencing humanity.

In Ronald's words, "The totality of God is not found in the Bible but it is found in the living expression of each one of us, to quote Eric Liddell... "God-made me fast and when I run I feel His pleasure"

Jennifer Lynne

Fort Worth, Texas | Board of Directors

I AM Spiritual, Healthy, Intelligent, Funny, Entertaining, Talented, Organized.

Jennifer is born empath, she is energetically sensitive and able to feel the emotions of others. Since a child, she has always had a close connection with nature and the animal kingdom.

Buddhist monks taught her to chant and meditate. Tai chi and qi gong masters showed her energy work and healing. Top holistic doctors shared their knowledge of clean eating, green living, internal cleansing and supplementation. Mystics taught her the ways of spirituality, metaphysics, healing stones, essential oils and the like. Yogis taught her to be present, strong yet flexible, stay centered and to “show up”. Being a constant seeker, cleansing, in every sense of the word, became a way of life for Jen.  Along with these ongoing practices, she continues to expand her devotion to Spiritual Coaching.

A natural channel and empath, Jen is blessed with creative gifts that, as she likes to say, “require no talking”. They include writing, dance, yoga, energy work and the healing arts. Experiencing the world, the lotus arose above the muddy waters & surfaced. Jen learned mind ~ body ~ spirit connection. She now understood how internal and external wellness and fitness, energetic vibration and frequency, spirituality and sensuality were all interconnected and ultimately connected to Source. Jen made a soul level promise to assist others on their path of transformation. A natural conduit and evolved practitioner, she resonates with and recognizes Spirituality as the basis for life. She is a Metaphysical Practitioner and Ordained Minister.  

Catalina Jaramillo

Hollywood, Florida | Board of Directors

I AM vision, chroma, shaman, galactic, ice cream, eager, healing.

Catalina was born in Colombia and moved to the U.S in 2000. Catalina is a gifted arts professional with more than 17 years of experience creating, implementing, and managing educational programs exhibitions, and events.

She trained as a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom Transart Institute. She studied International and Public Affairs in Asian Studies & Asian Globalization at Florida International University. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at the Florida International University. She received a second Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, Asian Globalization & Latin American at Florida International University. She was born utterly curious about the things that make us all similar.

Tina Marie Bertoli

New York, New York | Lead Instructor

I AM a breath and soul guide helping people breathe new life into their bodies; to expand their mind, and access the wisdom of their soul. 

Tina Marie is a gifted healer, Angelic Channel, International Speaker, & Goddess Oracle. She is a Reiki and IET® Master Trainer, Certified Past Life and Crystal Healer, she is also a IKYTA Kundalini Yoga Instructor and creator of the I AM Rising Podcast and Goddess Warriors Rising Program.  She wrote the monthly “Celestial Realm Ask an Angel” column for Predictions Magazine, UK, for 3 years, the quarterly column for Canada’s Pure Magazine for 2 years, and has produced the highly popular, “Manifesting with Archangel Michael” Mp3 among many other mp3 meditations and healing transmissions.

She helps people discover the radiant light within them in the midst of darkness, suffering, and pain, or when they've simply lost their way. She assists others in loving and embracing ALL of who they are as they reconnect and recommit to the little one inside. By doing so they uncover their true treasure and passion and align fully with the God/Goddess with them.

Tina Marie created and maintained a thriving spiritual healing practice and professional work for over a decade. She is an accomplished energy healer and has extensive training in the healing arts. She was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and had to meet death face to face. The growth rate of the cancer was so intense that she had to learn how to surrender every step of the very long way. She had to meet all of the lower denser energies within herself and fall in love with her shadow. She reunited with all of the little Tina's who were locked away and through true love and self-forgiveness, set herself free. She has been through hell and back and by the grace of GOD has been shown the most illuminating Christ Light and experienced the most beautiful frequencies of Unconditional Love and Immaculate Grace. She now has the vision and vibration to empower others and help unify and amplify harmonization for this Beloved New Earth we are stepping into together.

In Tina Marie's words, "Your deepest wound is your greatest strength. Becoming truly embodied and getting intimate with your breath is the very first step..."

Aimee Rebekah Shea, CHT

Arcadia, California | Director, Meditation Artist, Instructional Designer

I AM indigo, starseed, ray of light, meditator, mom and a lover of life.

Aimee is a holistic therapist, meditation artist & educator. She is the founder & executive director of Indigo International and Pleiadian Institute. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, an USUI Reiki Master and has been trained in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy & Crystal Healing. 

Aimee has relished in the creation of a successful holistic private practice for the past decade. She has helped hundreds of people heal from the inside out using tools such as hypnotherapy, guided meditation, spiritual healing and energy healing. Her bestselling Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped thousands of people all over the world bring harmony back into their bodies, minds and spirits.

Aimee was a National Board Certified Teacher and was recognized as a Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. She has completed extensive graduate-level educational research, she holds a Master’s Degree in Education from NOVA Southeastern University and has completed Master’s coursework in Mental Health Counseling at NOVA Southeastern University, Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Public Health at Walden University.

She is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence based scientific research program.