DNA Activation & Attunement

Experience one-on-one healing & training in energy healing from anywhere in the world.

DNA Activation & Attunement is an energy healing modality that is also a comprehensive program of exercises that train you in the full activation of your lightbody. The final result is the activation of your Merkaba Vehicle of Light, this is a vibrational field around you that supports the ascension of your conscious mind as you serve as a human on Earth.


4 courses.

40 weeks.

Repeat, forever.

This 10-month online program is divided up into 4 courses. It provides you with a program that integrates meditation, hypnosis, energy healing, breathwork and visualization of sacred geometric forms. You can repeat it over and over, to experience DNA Activation & Attunement and the activation of your Merkaba.

Our DNA Activation & Attunement & Merkaba Activation process facilitates restructuring of your Epigenome, activation of dormant DNA and stimulates all cellular response in your body.

DNA Activation >

Lightbody Activation >

Merkaba Activation

What is DNA Activation? Your DNA holds patterns from your past and the past of your ancestors. Your DNA is also dynamic. It changes in each moment, it radiates energy through the patterns embedded in it. 

It holds the genetic maps that direct all cellular response in your body. Activating your DNA strands is an energetic therapeutic process that brings deep healing, it repairs damaged cells and awakens dormant cells.

The activation of your DNA results in the activation of your lightbody. Our healing model leads you through daily practices to maintain a peak state of energetic health.

Your Merkaba field, also known as your Merkaba Vehicle of Light, is the fully expanded and activated form of your lightbody. It expands 50 feet around you in all directions. The process of activating your Merkaba is facilitated through alignment with your Multidimesional Self. Your Multidimensional Self has a consciousness that is rooted in the 5th dimension. We practice this expansion of your Merkaba and into your 5th dimension mind over and over. These are not just words - this is an intensive process that takes 10 months to complete.

This program is like an exercise program, completing it once feels good, committing to doing it over and over again is life-changing.

Our DNA Activation & Attunement process gets better the more that you do it.

Through fine-tuning your energetic muscles. DNA Activation & Attunement has been proven to:

  • Assist healing from chronic, degenerative and terminal illness & disease
  • Provide healing & realignment of brain
  • Strengthen mental & emotional health
  • Promote healing of organs, tissues & muscles
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Increase physical energy & clarity
  • Access deep inner wisdom & improve decision making
  • Deepen confidence in your natural gifts




Healing Track or

Certification Track?

The DNA Activation & Attunement Public Program provides you with a healing program in a single modality, DNA Activation & Attunement. The certification track trains you to deliver the attunements as a practitioner. In the Certification Track you also gain access to our 6 month Transcendent Business Practicum where we walk you thought a process to package and deliver your services or product to share this transformational modality with your community. The healing track only leads you through the healing process. Explore each program in depth:

Your breath carries the light and your attention is the driver.

Depth of Practice Brings Depth of Experience...

Think of us as your partner. Our purpose is to help you to experience, & learn about DNA Activation through leading you through healing and providing you with blueprints that you can replicate as you build and expand your own practice.

This experience is not designed to be experienced only once. You have lifetime access so that you can make this a regular part of your healing routine, it is a practice you can return to over and over again.

We are a bridge into the light of healing.

This portal and every part of this program is being co-created with a group of ascended masters, angels and lightbeings. It is a vibrational bridge to rise into the full expression of the multidimensional light radiating through you.

While you are here, a spiraling vortex of light bathes you in high vibrational frequencies. Everything is energy; we are all connected here & together in Spirit.

Our teaching philosophy has three central tenets and we take three bridges to complete our process:

I) First experience what it is like to move through a comprehensive Integrative Healing Program.

II) Consciously experience your own healing process before you lead others through it.

III) It is necessary to master the healing process you are learning before you learn the technique for that process. We want you to first experience our DNA Activation & Attunement Treatment Program. You will both learn about the healing process as a student and move through the healing process as if you were a client.

The Treatment Bridge

In this program, you will experience tele-health treatments through a healing program:

1. DNA Activation & Attunement Healing Program

The Attunement Bridge

In this program you will experience 10 DNA Activations & Attunements with a trained practitioner virtually individually & in small in-person groups within tele-health treatments:

10 DNA Activations & Attunements

The Certification Bridge

In this program you will receive a total of 2 certificates in the certification track and one certificate in the healing track:

1. DNA Activation & Attunement Certificate

2. DNA Activation & Attunement Master Certificate (Certification track only)


Coaching & Retreats

Coming together in person creates a container for transformation. Our retreats are a time for experiential practice and in-person attunements. 

Our virtual group coaching program supports you in creating and maintaining a high vibrational state of energetic health. Meet in person or watch on-demand.


Digital Toolbox

The DNA Activation & Attunement Program Portal provides you with 50+ hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences, video training and monthly calendars that support maintaining a daily meditation practice and more!

You have lifetime access. The Program Portal is more like a superportal, it includes 40 individual portals, organized by topics for you to use in your healing practice forever!


Healing Altar Kit

Included in this program is a Healing Altar Kit. Whether you have a lot of space or a tiny apartment, learn how to create & use a healing altar.

You are shipped a Healing Altar Kit that includes high vibrational crystals that you intuitively select that have been ethically sourced for healing. You work with your healing altar throughout your program.

All health emanates from the divine light within.

Not sure if this is for you? We have created a free healing portal that is a sample from this program!

In the words of our students...


I have been experiencing a lot of emotional and mental patterns returning for detoxification. Where in the past I may have pushed these things back down, this week I have been able to use my breath as a tool to go into these places, ask my questions and really gain some understanding and closure. I really enjoyed learning about indigenous cultures and their perspective on spirituality, shamanism, and crystals. I found the explanation of mesa’s especially helpful in understanding the balance of light and darkness. I am thinking about revisiting my altar and structuring it in such a way that helps me to better integrate both of the light and dark sides of my path.

Tennessee, 2019


It was the most profound release I have yet experienced, and it was absolutely amazing. All the thoughts/beliefs that I have been working on letting go for months, if not years, were stirred up and pulled out like weeds. I saw and felt them rushing up and out of me, with the words all being dissolved in the violet flame. Incredible. Intense. Freeing. The session left me extremely lightheaded (in a good way) and in a blazing good mood throughout the entire day (and beyond). So excited to have had such an intense experience, and definitely looking forward to even more release, purification and enlightenment..’

Florida, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend classes in person?

All of our courses are held 100% online.

However, we do have retreats in Providence, Rhode Island; Crestline & Mt. Shasta, California; Oahu, Hawaii and in 2023 in the Azores that happen multiple times a year that we encourage you to attend. The retreats are aligned with our curriculum and give you an opportunity to practice in person and receive the healing attunement's in person. We also have retreat grants that are available for new students that provide you with financial support to attend the retreats while travel still has so many regulations and potentially unexpected pandemic-related issues. 

Explore Retreats >

What's the time commitment?

We recommend you dedicate at least 7-10 hours a week for healing, reading, participation and integration of the energy.

All programs are delivered through healing experiences that are on MP3, masterclasses that are recorded and you can watch on-demand. There are no set times to watch the videos or complete your coursework. You will have a weekly schedule to follow with reading, masterclasses and healing experiences and you will be encouraged to complete all coursework weekly. However, you can get it done anytime of the week that is best for you.

Is there one-on-one support?


This program includes 10 live & virtual DNA Activations & Attunements with a trained practitioner! You are encouraged to schedule monthly one-on-one coaching calls. We work with students in all different time zones so we have early morning appointments late night appointments, appointments that are during the week and on the weekend.

All of our programs also include live healing treatments with a trained practitioner in our telehealth clinic. Those are also appointments that you may make on your own time and you're able to attend them at a time that best suits you.

We have live group coaching calls and book talk livesteams. You do not have to attend live and all group coaching and livestreams are recorded so that you can tune in on-demand any time after the live call takes place.

What is the cost, is this affordable & is there financial support?


The total tuition for this program is $477. You can break your tuition up into affordable $44 monthly payments. All Pleiadian Institute programs are supported by Indigo Health Foundation. 

We have a spectrum of services to support students with financial needs. Our financial aid program provides grants & scholarships based on both need and merit and a workstudy program for students who cannot afford to pay any tuition. Our workstudy program provides an opportunity to work with us and earn credit towards your tuition.

Apply for Financial Aid >

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Depth of practice brings depth of experience.

Hello Kindred Spirit!

I am grateful you have found your way here. I am your guide through this transformational 40 week program. I am a holistic therapist, meditation artist & educator, the founder & executive director of Indigo International and Pleiadian Institute and a certified clinical hypnotherapist & USUI Reiki Master.

Over the past decade DNA Activation has changed my life and my professional practice. It introduced me to breathwork and to the ancient mystery school practice of working with the seven sacred rays of light. It has helped me to clear energetic patterns from the past incarnations of my soul and has supported my physical, mental & emotional health more so than any other modality I have practiced or experienced!

Before I entered into the healing arts in my professional work, I was a teacher and a curriculum designer. I have put together this program integrating energy healing, hypnosis & training in basic scientific concepts and mystery school teachings to help you to both move into a full experience of an activated lightbody with me and to learn about how it is happening.

I am passionate about demonstrating the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence-based scientific research program. It is part of my life's purpose to share this healing practice with those who are called to transform energetically through lightbody activation & through the activation and embodiment of your Merkaba Vehicle of Light. You can read the first part of the research that we completed on this program here!

Connect with me on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn or

Instagram. You can find Aimee’s meditations on SoundcloudSpotifyAmazon and Itunes.

The Greatest Power You Have is the Power to Heal Yourself.

When you focus on your own healing, you become a source of strength and support for your family and community.

The only way we can integrate more natural and holistic healing modalities into our world is by making a decision to commit our lives to it. We are the the process of conducting research through data collection and case studies of the people who we have led through the DNA Activation & Attunement process in our practice. Read about our research here!

Have more questions? Contact Us!