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Our mission is to make holistic healing more accessible to every human on Earth. We deliver treatments, trainings & tools globally to help to promote wellbeing and prevent disease  for people who are most in need.


We provide free and sliding scale clinics, scholarships and grants for people in need. Explore Indigo Health Foundation!


Meditation Programs

Our multidimensional meditation & energy healing programs are the most powerful way to create new daily habits. A daily meditation practice that supports you in connecting to your spiritual lifeforce will change your life. Join us from the comfort of home!


Tele-Health Holistic Treatments

Heal & transform your mind, emotions & body through Reiki and Hypnotherapy tele-health treatments combined with meditation & energy healing programs that you can complete at home!


Career Training in Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Healing

Heal, learn, train & research in energy healing, hypnosis & spiritual healing with practitioners internationally from the comfort of your home. We meet you where you are at and share a deep, transformative & comprehensive healing curriculum in the modalities we teach. Experience online learning with a co-op education model that includes a network of hands-on virtual experiences.


Healing Retreats

Our transformative retreats are designed to help you both heal and learn in a variety of holistic health modalities.

Experience healing attunements, hands-on workshops, organic vegan food prepared fresh daily, movement meditation all in beautiful locations designed to bring you into alignment with your highest self. We are building habits and practices for a lifetime of health.

Join the Thousands in Our Community Healing Worldwide!

"I felt a deep since of connection with the universe and my higher self."

- Roxie

Peachtree Corners, Georgia

"I felt an immense sense of love and healing. I felt Archangel Michael with me. I felt so happy and like things were changing deeply & in an unprecedented way."

- Catalina

Miami, Florida

'Amazing. This is the best chakra information and especially the meditations that I have found…. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel truly blessed to have found you.'

- Naomi

Honolulu, Hawaii

'Meeting my master guide was beyond amazing. What he said to me resonated through my whole being. He gifted me both the spirit of an elephant and a glowing yellow light in order to step back into my power. Overall, the experience of this was very healing to me.'

- Andrea

Cheyenne, Wyoming

‘I’ve felt lighter, connected to something that goes beyond me, I no longer feel annoyed about the things that are going in the world right now. I feel more focused on my own spiritual growth, seeing things deeper and clearer. I still find hard to visualize things in my mind, but I can totally feel the energy washing out my body and soul.’

- Moises

Saint Paul, Minnesota

'Mentally I feel I am letting go of my past emotional baggage. Emotionally I am starting to have more clarity and awareness over my emotions. Physically feeling alot lighter and breathing is clearer.'

- Shane

Wellington, New Zealand

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