Practitioners in Training

Our Practitioners in Training are beautiful souls who are all here to bring healing into their communities. Their inspiring stories will help you remember to keep your vision and dreams alive in your heart.

When we have support, our dreams have the fuel they need to manifest into form.

Ryn Gargulinski

Tucson, Arizona | Hypnoenergy Therapist in Training

Ryn is an inspirational force in our world. Since she was young, Ryn never felt like she belonged in our world and began to drink alcohol at a very young age. Ryn entered college and graduate school to become a journalist. She developed an addiction and suffered from disordered eating during this time. Eventually, Ryn healed herself through the 12 step program. She began a freelance writing and art career and started coaching others who were recovering from addiction. Ryn continued her professional development in life coaching and was called to Reiki, this opened her up to alternative healing therapies. Ryn's spirit is here to spark light in her community. She serves in the light and her life is a beautiful example of how when we feed our own spirit, we gain the strength to serve those who are most in need.

Trisha Allex

Henderson, Nevada | Crystal Healing Therapist in Training

Trisha is a heart-centered healer who has been on a journey since 2007 to reconnect to her truth and to heal from childhood trauma. Trisha has felt a call from Spirit since she was young. She entered the corporate world and worked in graphic design, animation & gaming. During this time she continued to hear the call of Spirit and was led to energy healers and psychic healers as coaches. Trisha is passionate about helping to heal girls, mothers and women in therapy, specifically through beginning a therapy practice & through book publishing. Trisha emanates a high vibrational light out into our world, she feels a connection to the lineage of the codes of light and is exploring more deeply how to integrate this into her practice.

Abigail Malayska

Bend, Oregon | Master Energy Healer in Training

Abigail is an open hearted lover of life who is committed to inspiring healing in the lives of her family, friends and community. Abigail's presence is a gift to the world. She is on a journey of healing herself from childhood trauma stemming from parental addiction. She went through a period when she did not know her worth. She taught herself how to heal and learned how to love herself. Mother Teresa says that we first must work miracles in our own family before we go out into the world. Abigail is a shining example of this practice. She gives her entire heart to her loved ones in a way that is deeply inspiring. Her vision is to serve her community with a healing practice and to continue to cultivate deeper healing in her own family.

Katelyn Martin

Columbus, Ohio | Master Energy Healer in Training

Katelyn is a transformational healer. She is here to inspire those that have been broken through life experiences. She experienced deep wounds stemming from her childhood that she has worked to heal on her own through practices including crystal healing. She had a near death experience in 2016 that left her not being able to walk. Through chakra healing and meditation she made a full recovery and decided to dedicate her life to healing. Katelyn started a small business, Crystal Therapy By Kate, where she sources local crystals and helps to communicate their healing properties to others in her community. Katelyn has a warrior spirit of light that shines through all she does. She has a gift and calling to work with people who feel like giving up due to physical or mental health conditions.

Kacy Mugrage

Flora, Illinois | Master Energy Healer Certification

Kacy's kind and gentle spirit is a gift to everyone she works with. Kacy grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois. She was professionally trained as a dental hygienist, but always felt a call to the healing arts. As she began her spiritual journey, she became trained as a yoga teacher and started teaching. Her vision is to serve others through health coaching through integrating energy healing, Ayurveda and functional medicine. She has a natural healing gift that she is cultivating and she has a vision and calling to begin work as a healer professionally and to travel the world.

Melisa Williams

Doubleview, Australia | Master Energy Healer Certification

Melisa is a heart centered leader with formal education in project management & business. Melisa has built a small business, Salt Earth & Soul, and is dedicated to creating change and impact through education and facilitating healing. She is called to collaborate & mentor other businesses in her community.

Melisa's calling is to begin a deep healing program within her community serving domestic violence victims. Her vision is to educate the next generation about the importance of energetic cleansing, emotional intelligence, acknowledging patterns, predatory and red-flag behaviors, forgiveness and keeping strong boundaries. Melisa is a dedicated mother and is passionate about showing her children that you can work for yourself and be successful in meeting all of the needs of your family.