Michael Cardoza Holistic Health Professional Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of the spirit of the late Michael Cardoza. Michael Adam Cardoza served his community as a professional servant to those in need of mental health services and social support in innovative ways throughout his entire life. His spirit lives on in this award.

Michael reminds us that it is in the way that we serve others that we will leave the greatest impact on our world.

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This scholarship was established to support those who are called to work professionally in holistic health.

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Michael was a humble and quiet soul who had a heart that was called to serve those less fortunate them himself.

Michael was a graduate of Southeastern Massachusetts University and later received his masters degree in Social Work from Boston University. In college, Michael formed a veterans club on campus to assist student veterans.

He was a member of the Vietnam Veterans of Massachusetts, Inc. He was a counselor at the Veterans Administration Center in Brockton and a director at the New Bedford Veterans Center. He was instrumental in the opening of the Hyannis Vietnam Veterans Association and Veterans Outreach Center of Fall River.

He was instrumental in obtaining grants to purchase the former Frances P. Memorial Hospital to house veterans and became the founder of the Veterans Transition House. He was a member and president of the Coalition of Vietnam Veterans.


Service as Therapy

For many years, he worked very hard assisting special needs families to receive the services they needed.

He also served as Director of Substance Abuse Services through the Department of Public Health in Boston serving the homeless population.

He served a countless number of special needs children, homeless people and especially veterans for many many years indefatigably.

Meet the Michael Cardoza Scholarship Recipients


Kelly received her Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts.

She felt like she never had enough time or money to commit to this path. She knows now that now is always the 'right' time and that once you take a step in faith, the universe will find ways to support you. She feels called to serve others and to provide spiritual support to people in need.

She is also dedicated to her husband and working together to create a very loving relationship and family life. She believes that the relationships that we experience in our day to day lives are a reflection of where we are in relationship to spirit. When we can heal that space, love everyone and ourselves, we are truly living in oneness.

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