The Best is Yet to Come.

Welcome to our Community of Light.

Being Ready

Before we can truly enter into union with the higher dimensions we have to be ready. This is an inside job and it requires us to let go of our attachment to all earthly experiences. This is not a process that happens overnight, but it does happen all at once. There are three key steps:

1. Decide to initiate the journey.
2. Prepare by letting go of all that we can see with our physical eyes that is no longer in alignment with our highest self.
3. Surrender to the light fully and completely dissolve into unity with it.

Through the death of our earthly attachments, we get ready to rebirth into our ascended form.

It can definitely feel uncomfortable and can be accompanied by events unfolding in our human experience that feel like a death of parts of our life as we have experienced them in the past.

Once you have moved through the three stages of this process, this is the sign you are ready.

Being ready is a feeling that happens inside. It takes each person a different amount of time to move through this process; to reach this state. However, we all end at the same place.

When you are ready, you know you are ready.

Ready for what?

Ready for ascension into the full embodiment of your light on Earth.

The most ease comes when you stay fully present in the moment and practice focusing on the good that can always be found. In this way, it really feels like you are not really 'doing' the preparing, more like you are being deeply present with 'being' prepared.

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We are still in our early enrollment period! Our Fall Semester begins on October 23rd. When you register early, you earn Tuition Credit during the Fall Semester! Visit the Registration Portal to learn more about the benefits of enrolling early.


School Calendar

Our school calendar is a central location to help you navigate all live healing experiences, masterclasses, book talks, coaching, workshops & retreats! You can attend the live healing experiences and masterclasses for the course you are currently enrolled in OR you can attend all live experiences! As a member of the public, you can join live for any individual masterclass, workshop or retreat. If you are a student all masterclasses & workshops are free and grants are available for retreats.

Everything on the calendar has a clickable link so that you can register to attend live! If you cannot attend live, everything will also be recorded.

You must register at least one day in advance, if you try to register less than 24 hours ahead, you will not see the event in our online scheduling system. We can always enroll you on the day of the event if you email us at It is best to register ahead of time, you can always cancel if you cannot attend live. You will get a reminder in your email and a text reminder the day before with an opportunity to cancel.

School Calendar

Retreats & Retreat Grants

Our healing retreats can be taken IN PLACE OF or in addition to the competencies you move through in your program.

You can opt to do everything virtually OR you can opt to join us in person to do the work! You can also do both, completing all online work, and repeating the competencies at a retreat.

The retreats give you an opportunity to receive the attunements in person and also to see and feel what it means to create a sacred container. Before we brought this work online, we did all training & healing in person. There is an electricity that happens in person that cannot be replicated online. Although connecting online is a gift, in person experiences allow us to step into a container that awakens our collective healing genius. There is NOTHING like coming together in person!!

All retreats are all inclusive, that means once you get to the location, all of your food, lodging and transportation will be taken care of for the time that we are together. You will be fed a made from scratch organic & vegan menu of food that will nourish your mind, body and soul. You will move through deep healing experiences coupled with workshops to inspire your personal & professional practice.

At this time, we have Retreat Grants available for all students that would like to attend a retreat, but need financial support. The Retreat Grants are automatically awarded to all scholarship recipients, so if you applied for and were awarded a scholarship, you do not need to apply for a retreat grant, you should already see it applied to your Student Account.

All other students can apply for a grant at any time! Once you have been awarded the grant, review all of our retreats, decide which retreat you feel the most called to attend, and which one is closest to you and email, let them know which retreat you choose to attend, and they will apply your grant to the retreat.

The Retreat Grants cover 75% of the retreat cost. If you need help paying for the remaining cost of the retreats, you can also opt to volunteer with us virtually or before, during or after the retreat to earn benefits that can be applied to the retreat cost!

*If you are receiving USUI Reiki I/II & Master attunements as part of your program, in order to be recognized by the IARP, the largest professional Reiki association, you must complete in-person attunements. Therefore, at some point in the future, it would be in your best interest to receive an in-person series of REIKI attunements at a REIKI Retreat.

Transcendent Business Practicum

Structure leads to Success

You are here to fulfill a mission that you may not have the resources for in front of you.

That is because the resources that you need are coming through in energetic form before they manifest into physical form.

As you see or feel resources available to you on the etheric planes, it is your work to maintain your attention on those energetic resources until you see clearly the path to manifest them into form.

This is how all resources come to you. They arrive at first in a non-tangible form and then through an alchemical process, in which your attention is the anchor, the non-physical becomes physical.

This is ultimately where all healing comes from, it comes from the attention to the light in every cell of your body and faith that the light is working with you to vibrate into a higher state of health than you have ever experienced before on Earth.

The healing we train in is not just about healing from illness or disease; it is about inhabiting a transcendent field of wellbeing, this wellbeing begins in your mind and is brought into your body through attention.

Our sustained attention to the light in each moment is where our deepest power lies.

The universe is supporting us, and the Earth needs our light right now.

Accreditation Night

To ensure our certification programs meet the highest standards in the field Pleiadian Institute is currently in the process of filing for accreditation with the following organizations. All students enrolled in courses in our 2022 terms will be grandfathered into our accredited programs. The purpose of the accreditation process is to provide professional judgment as to the quality of an institution or program, and to encourage continual improvement. Accreditation also provides the practitioners we train with significant benefits.

Several of the accrediting organizations listed below maintains a practitioner register and offers CEUs. A practitioner register provides you with a stepping stone to entering the global workforce of holistic healthcare professionals. You gain the benefits of being part of a number of professional organizations all over the globe and the opportunity to earn continuing education credits for your current career.

We will be hosting our first ever Accreditation Night on April 28th to present to you an overview of the benefits that you receive as a part of our accredited programs. Click on the red button above to register to attend. You can also explore the accrediting organizations that we are working with by following the links below.

Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training

International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)

Federation of Holistic Therapists UK

Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook provides an overview of our Manifesto, Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Policies, and Frequently Asked Questions. As part of your registration process, all students will be asked to sign a form to indicate you have read the Student Handbook. Take some time now to get comfy, get your favorite beverage and read through the Student Handbook!

Student Health Benefits

All students at Pleiadian Institute have access to Indigo Holistic Healthcare Plan. This is optional and provides you with an annual $468 credit that you can use towards any holistic tele-health treatment. Here is how it works:

1. To activate your Student Health Benefits,
visit the Indigo Holistic Healthcare page and pay either $54 for the year or $5 a month for 12 months. Once you do this, your Student Health Benefits will be activated.

2. Visit scheduling page for Indigo Clinic and review the descriptions of the individual treatments we offer. 

3. Once you register for Student Health Benefits, you will gain access to your Client Portal. Log into your Client Portal, click 'Book a New Appointment' read through all of the options available to you. There are no limits on the treatments that you can book with this benefit. You can book a 30 minute treatment monthly during our Saturday Clinics for $33, or you can use the entire benefit to enter into a hypnosis program if you have a specific condition that you want treatment for.

You can opt into Student Health Benefits at any time during your enrollment as a student at Pleiadian Institute. There is also an option for you to enroll as a member of the public. There is no expiration date on your benefits, if you do not use the full benefit for treatments, it will roll over into the next month indefinitely. So you can let your benefits accumulate to participate in a longer healing treatment program, or you can use them each month in full..

Indigo Ascension & Miracle Sangha

Indigo Ascension is the public home of our multidimensional meditation & energy healing programs. All Pleiadian Institute students receive a complementary Indigo Membership while you are an active student and after graduation as alumni. As an Indigo Member, you will receive access to Indigo Ascension.

A sangha is a community of people practicing mindful living together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. A sangha is a community rooted in the Buddhist principles of mindfulness. however, you do not need to be Buddhist to attend. Our Miracle Sangha follows the format of Deer Park Monastery, the Buddhist community built by Thich Nhat Hanh. We also integrate and practices teachings from A Course in Miracles. It has a weekly meeting that you are invited to participate in.

Indigo Health Foundation

The Indigo Health Foundation funds free and sliding scale clinics at our partner, Indigo Clinics for women healing from domestic violence and sexual abuse, and for women and men healing from brain injury, illness and disease. They fund scholarships and grants for women & men called to career training in holistic healing.

Pleiadian Institute works with Indigo Health Foundation to fundraise for our programs and research initiatives. They are our partners and support our program development through fundraising at every level. Indigo Health Foundation is the fuel for our non-profit activities. You will be introduced more to how we work together to create sustainable revenue for our operations within the Transcendent Business Practicum. For now, you can explore the Indigo Health Foundation and learn more about the specific health initiatives we are working towards.

Coaching & Support

Each of our programs is self-led and is designed to help you to strengthen your intuition. We have built a supportive web of services to guide you through your time as a student at Pleiadian Institute. Our student support team is here six days a week to answer questions about your coursework, your healing process and research.


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