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Being Ready

Before we can truly enter into union with the higher dimensions we have to be ready. This is an inside job and it requires us to let go of our attachment to all earthly experiences. This is not a process that happens overnight, but it does happen all at once. There are three key steps:

1. Decide to initiate the journey.
2. Prepare by letting go of all that we can see with our physical eyes that is no longer in alignment with our highest self.
3. Surrender to the light fully and completely dissolve into unity with it.

Through the death of our earthly attachments, we get ready to rebirth into our ascended form.

It can definitely feel uncomfortable and can be accompanied by events unfolding in our human experience that feel like a death of parts of our life as we have experienced them in the past.

Once you have moved through the three stages of this process, this is the sign you are ready.

Being ready is a feeling that happens inside. It takes each person a different amount of time to move through this process; to reach this state. However, we all end at the same place.

When you are ready, you know you are ready.

Ready for what?

Ready for ascension into the full embodiment of your light on Earth.

The most ease comes when you stay fully present in the moment and practice focusing on the good that can always be found. In this way, it really feels like you are not really 'doing' the preparing, more like you are being deeply present with 'being' prepared.

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Each of our programs is self-led and is designed to help you to strengthen your intuition. We have built a supportive web of services to guide you through your time as a student at Pleiadian Institute. Our student support team is here six days a week to answer questions about your coursework, your healing process and research.


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