Rachel K. Cardoza Holistic Healthcare Visionary Scholarship

This scholarship is in honor of the spirit of the late Rachel K. Cardoza. Rachel K. Cardoza was an artist and spiritual visionary in her short life. She gave herself fully to the people she was with and she led with her heart in all that she did.

While Rachel lived on this Earth plane, she was a visionary in many non-traditional forms. Her spirit reminds us that it is not about the package that we present ourselves in, it is the dedication to helping others that lives in our hearts that is our true gift on this Earth that we have to give to others.

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This scholarship was established to support those who have a vision to bring holistic healing into the world.


Rachel would have never considered herself a healer. If you speak to those people that knew and loved her the most, they will tell you that it was her loving presence, her open mind and heart that were healing forces in everyone's life that she was in.

In late 2001, the Dartmouth community lost one of it's most outstanding members and someone close to our hearts.

Rachel Cardoza was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and graduated from Dartmouth High School in 1999. She was a creative child and teen and gave herself fully to every experience she was in. She went on to pursue studies in the field of art in both New York and at U Mass Dartmouth. To support herself through college she was involved in numerous creative artistic projects and began a budding writing career.

Rachel's passion for learning and desire to touch the lives of those around her with her artistic expression has formed the foundation of this scholarship. Generous donations from friends, family and local businesses have allowed this scholarship to become a reality.


Art as Therapy

Rachel was a visionary artist. She had dreams to serve people through art.

When we think of health & healing, we do not often think of art. Art can be therapy, even if we are not professionally trained as 'art therapists', there are many unconventional ways that we can bring healing into the lives of others through creative and artistic mediums.

Rachel's life was an inspiration that lives on forever through her art and through the recipients of this scholarship. When we lead with our hearts and pour ourselves fully into all we do, healing is always the outcome.

Although Rachel is no longer with us in human form, her art lives on forever to inspire us. She brought joy and healing through her art and hope for a better future.


Writing as Therapy

Rachel was a visionary in all of the ways she communicated. She built up her community and family by seeing the best in them.

Through her words, the world became a healthier place to live. Through her words she helped others to see the light that exists in every corner of the Earth.

Healing & therapy do not always come in the packages that we think they will come in. Sometimes they come in a kind word, in speaking positive words over someone's life.

To be a visionary does not require a grandiose plan for the world. Rachel showed us all how to be visionaries in little ways in our lives. How to share with love from our heart centers. How to lift others up. This is the heart of healing.

Meet the Rachel K. Cardoza Scholarship Recipients


Abigail is an open hearted lover of life who is committed to inspiring healing in the lives of her family, friends and community. Abigail's presence is a gift to the world. She is on a journey of healing herself from childhood trauma stemming from parental addiction. She gives her entire heart to her loved ones in a way that is deeply inspiring. Her vision is to serve her community with a healing practice and to continue to cultivate deeper healing in her own family.


Melisa is a heart centered leader with formal education in project management & business. Melisa's calling is to begin a deep healing program within her community serving domestic violence victims. She is called to collaborate & mentor other businesses in her community. Melisa is a dedicated mother and is passionate about showing her children that you can work for yourself and be successful in meeting all of the needs of your family.


Kacy's kind and gentle spirit is a gift to everyone she works with. Her vision is to serve others through health coaching through integrating energy healing, Ayurveda and functional medicine. She has a natural healing gift that she is cultivating and she has a vision and calling to begin work as a healer professionally and to travel the world.

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